The Majin of the Elements
Elemental Majin
Kanji 要素の魔神
Rōmaji yōso no majin
Bone Fighter
Bone Class Elemental Majin

The Elemental Majin (要素の魔神, yōso no majin?), are 8 Majin's created by the Primordial Majin to watch over and protect the elements of the universe. They each provide the universe with their powers, including the Bones that belong to each element.

Appearance Edit

Each individual Elemental Majin varies in shape and form, but they are all considerably larger than both Humans and Neposians. Each one is around the same height, and they each look to have features of the element they guard.

Personality Edit

the Elemental Majin do not have a particular personality! They are neutral. They are however, able to communicate with the Primordial Majin to express their thoughts and opinions, as shown when the Majin of Fire, Earth and Water defend the planet Earth.

List of Elemental Majin Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

No Image (card) Square
Control over the ELEMENTS
As Elemental Majin, they have the ability to control, wield and maintain the elements they represent.

Trivia Edit