E08 - Title
Episode 08
Kana しんにゅうしゃ
Kanji 侵入者
Rōmaji shinnyuu sha
Episode Info
Episode No. 08
Air Date May 21, 2014
Opening Theme Legend is Born
Ending Theme Okan Gomen
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Bone Research Facility
Fierce Resonance
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Invaders (侵入者, Shinnyuu Sha), is the eigth episode in the Majin Bone anime adaption series. It originally aired on May 21, 2014.


This episode debuts the conflicts Shougo has about becoming a Bone fighter, as it's causing everyone to be in danger. Shougo Ryuujin was confused about the responsibilities that he hold as a resonator of the Dragon Bone. Luke taught him a lesson by fighting him in a simulator, where he equipped the armour of Scorpion Bone using the retrieved card, though the actual armour was virtual and he didn't actually equip Scorpion Bone.



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