Kengo Ryuujin
Kengo Ryuujin 3
Kanji 竜神健悟
Rōmaji ryūjin kengo
Gender Male
Age 50
Nationality Japanese
Hair Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 180 cm
Status Alive
Relatives Shougo Ryuujin (Son)

Tomoko Ryuujin (Daughter)
Chie Ryuujin (Wife)

Japanese Voice 田中一成
Kazunari Tanaka
Anime Debut Episode 01
Image Gallery

Kengo Ryuujin (竜神健悟, "ryūjin kengo"), is a character in the Majin Bone anime series. He is the single parent of both Shougo and Tomoko Ryuujin and the husband of Chie Ryuujin as well as the person who taught them Karate. In addition, he is also the best friend of Mr. Shimatani.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He is a really calm person.

History Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Ordinary Human
No Image (card) Square
Martial Arts - Karate
Since he's the teacher/masters of both his son and daughter, it is assumed that he is more skillful than both of them. In regards to his rank, he's assumed to be higher than his daughter who is a 3rd degree black belt.

Trivia Edit

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