Kiyoko Shimatani
Kiyoko Shimatani
Kanji 島谷喜代子
Rōmaji shimatani kiyoko
Gender Female
Age 45
Nationality Japanese
Hair Brown
Eye Color Brown / Hazel
Height 160 cm
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Japanese Voice 今井由香 Yuka Imai
Anime Debut Episode 01
Image Gallery

Shimatani Kiyoko (島谷喜代子, "shimatani kiyoko"), is a character in the Majin Bone anime series. She is the mother of Saho Shimatani and the wife of Mr. Shimatani.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

She is a very calm person.

History Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Ordinary Human
No Image (card) Square

Trivia Edit

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