Majin, Once More
E44 - Title
Episode 44
Kana まじん、ふたたび
Kanji 魔神、再び
Rōmaji majin, futatabi
Episode Info
Episode No. 44
Air Date 03 February, 2015
Opening Theme Sensation Signal
Ending Theme Ripumii
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Changing Despair into Hope
Wriggling Desires
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Majin, Once More (魔神、再び , majin, futatabi), is the forty-forth episode of the Majin Bone anime adaption series. It originally aired on February 03, 2015.

The Director and his team explain to our heroes why the Revelation Cocoon was originally being designed for. Revolt orders Carvaleo to recover Dragon Bone, so him and Serpence prepare for their assault. Lord Stoltz and Klude hear the rumors about the council members taking sides. Then, Dragon Bone's card, along with the other Planetary Core Bones start reacting to a strange power before entering the cocoon. Whilst engaged in combat, something totally our of this world, appears before them!!!

Overview Edit

Summary Edit


In Order of Appearance
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Episode Debuts

Major Battles Edit

Shark - (fight icon) Jaguar - (fight icon) Rhino - (fight icon) Leo - (fight icon) Dragon - (fight icon)
Shark ¦ Jaguar ¦ Rhino ¦ Leo ¦ Dragon
Unicorn - (fight icon) Snake - (fight icon)
Unicorn ¦ Snake

Trivia Edit

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