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A site dedicated to sharing detailed information about the Majin Bone franchise! Everybody is free to edit. We currently have 6,747 edits to 152 articles and 1,227 images on this wiki.

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Majin Bone
Primordial Majin (feather edit ver.)
The Universe
Once there was nothing. In this nothingness, The Primordial Majin created life. With it, it created things known as "Bones" and "Majins".
Bones were to become the guardians of all life. Each planet has it's own Keystone, a Bone Creature entrusted to protect and look after its own planet. In order to protect their planet, Bones call upon the lifeforms and resonate their power to create Bone Warriors; these lifeforms are known as Bone Adepts and they wear the Bones as armour.
The Majin's, are the masters of their own respective element (Water, Fire, Thunder, Space/Teleport, Flight, Leaf, Rock and Time), and can be called upon by any Bone Creature or Bone Adept.

The Anime Story
The Earth is plummeted into darkness. Aliens from another planet are invading! Kenn will star as Shōgo Ryūjin, an ordinary high school student whose life is turned upside-down as he transforms into the Bone Fighter "Dragonbone" with the Bone Card in order to save Earth. The cast also includes Hiroki Yasumoto as Rhinobone/Tyrone, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Jaguarbone/Antonio, and Shinnosuke Tachibana as Sharkbone/Luke. Together, these White Bone Warriors stand up to the Dark Bone Warriors, a foe that appeared from darkness to devastate Earth. However, "could the true enemy be ourselves?"

The 3DS Game Story
The Earth is plummeted into darkness. Aliens from another planet are invading! The enemy are trying to harness the power of the Time and Space Majin. You play as your own-named character and must embark on your journey with the White Bone Warriors to stop the invasion on Earth! The story allows you to unlock other Bone characters and thus, their cards. You can obtain these cards by using the in-game Carddass. Any unlocked bone parts can then be equipped to aid your battle!!!

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Majin Updates
Welcome to the News Box!
This section will cover all the latest info, highlights and notifications on the Majin Bone franchise. It will also cover any announcements or updates the public should know about the wiki. The news section features all the up-to-date news and must-know about Majin Bone, the announcement section is for admin bones to put their own updates or announcements about important activity or changes about wiki.
Thanks to our new homepage, if a regular wiki user wishes to put content into the announcement section then feel free to edit the [[[Template:Home-News]]] template. As always, if you need help talk to our Admin Bones!

  • The First Majin Bone DVD and Bluray set is out! The second is on its way.
  • M5 card set released.
  • The next wiki conference is being held on the 14th of March by Dark Impetus be sure to equip and fight with us to power out lots of edits! For it is the Primordial Majin's will!
Big hands out to Monkey D. Natsu and XDarkImpetusX, for the creation of this wiki.
Our current admin bones are "Monkey D. Natsu", "XDarkImpetusX", "Daedalus net" and "Eucliwood1". Stop by our message page if you need any help or just to say hi!

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Featured Content
Featured Videos
加藤和樹「Legend Is Born」Majin Bone - Full size04:05

加藤和樹「Legend Is Born」Majin Bone - Full size

Legend is Born - Official Full theme

3DS「マジンボーン 時間と空間の魔神」第1弾PV03:04

3DS「マジンボーン 時間と空間の魔神」第1弾PV

"Majin Bone: The Majin of Time and Space" 3DS Game preview.

Majin Bone PV02:41

Majin Bone PV

Majin Bone Anime PV.

Featured Article
Legend is Born (cover)

Legend is Born was the first opening theme to Majin Bone! It lasted for a total of 30 episodes, until being changed. The CD itself, sold in 3 different versions. One of them being a limited edition featuring a DVD containing a music video of the same song.

Featured Image
Majin Bone BD Vol 1

The Volume 1 Boxset of Majin Bone! It contains the first 13 episodes of the series. It also comes with a bonus booklet. The second volume is due for release soon!

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    Dragon Bone

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