This page is a dedicated "To Do List" of all the work that needs to be done on the wiki. Naturally, it's not all the time anybody takes the time to update this page. (as such, can the last user to edit this page please use the signature time stamp! To do this, write four "~" in curly brackets like this: ...> (~~ ~~) <... without the space). This page was created so regular users can edit the list and so it can be removed from the community messages box!

'To Do' list

(Everyone Jobs)

  • Fill in the Episode Pages
  • Upload screenshots from the episodes
  • Fill in the Character Pages
  • Bone pages need creating
  • Find full body portraits of all the characters and replace the current images in the character templates on their respected pages. (Except those who have full body portraits already)

(Admin Jobs)

  • Revise Infoboxes to match the current theme
  • Create a page for rules, regulations and current page layouts.
  • Edit the achievements to fit the Majin Bone franchise. (NOTE: Cards instead of badges "hopefully")
  • Screenshot the highlight of each episode and put as the episode preview image on their respected pages.

Completing these tasks will result in more jobs being unlocked :)

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