The Beginning of the End
E51 - Title
Episode 51
Kana おわりのはじまり
Kanji 終わりの始まり
Rōmaji owari no hajimari
Episode Info
Episode No. 51
Air Date 24 March, 2015
Opening Theme Sensation Signal
Ending Theme Ripumii
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The Joining of the End
Somewhere to Return
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The Beginning of the End (終わりの始まり , owari no hajimari), is the fifty-first episode of the Majin Bone anime adaption series. It originally aired on March 24, 2015.

Stoltz refuses to accept defeat, and regains control over Phoenix Bone. The Earth is quickly becoming damaged and is near destruction. Stoltz uses the power of the Time Majin to freeze the entire Earth to buy time to get back the stolen Dragon Bone. In a fated turn of events, the only ones who can recover dragon is Gregory and Victor. Will these two fickle traitors be able to defeat Revolt and recover Dragon? Find out!!

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In Order of Appearance
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