Hi there guys. I've just created a banner called {{Confirm}}. Since this wikia is still in it's quite early stages, I'd appreciate it if the sysops could regularly check the "Category:Confirmation_Required" pages to see if they can correct any and remove the banner from the corresponding page, just as you would the {{Delete}} page. Thanks in advance! (I haven't managed to make it like the delete tab where you can specify a reason. So i've just used it the same way but it doesn't show up on the page. "eg: {{Confirm|<Reason for confirm tag>}})"

Any ideas/problems with this please let me know. It looks like this:

This page has been marked with a "Confirm" tag. This means its validity has been questioned.
Can a USER, or preferably an ADMIN or BUREAUCRAT check whether this page has correct information, is not a duplicate and contains no unsuitable content. If not addressed, this page can be become marked for "Candidates for Deletion"

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