Yo then Wiki Warriors!!! I've just finished implementing some new stuff on the first Episode page. Could everyone check it out and give feedback/add to it or whatever! =3

User:Monkey D. Natsu suggested a little while ago about adding a 'Key Battles' section. I have whipped up the first design for it. Any changes need to be made? (I realize that a second one is need for when there is more than 2 parties involved in the fight :P).

The List of Characters box was quite bland and made a blank page look even worse :/. So I spent a fair bit of time trying to make a new snazzy box. I think I've achieved that. Please give it a look over.

I've also made a little image box but it's in a very early concept at the moment. And also, I think having just the Trivia section below the main fights is a little plain. Maybe we can add another heading with just plain text to fill the balance a little? -Kind Regards, (Daedalus net (talk) 23:09, January 15, 2015 (UTC))

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