So this is just a little blog post I figured I should post. Some of you may have found the new poll I put on the home screen about a new home &/or theme change. With 4 votes currently, (not including mine xD), I've begun to redesign our site logo and favicon (actually the logo is pretty much done!). I've also sketched up some brief layout sketches.

With my increased spare time now, I'll be trying to design some new bit of fancy design code. Before I 100% go at this new update, I wanted to stop by and ask if anybody wants any featured adding or removing to the home! I want to keep the majority of the new update a secret but I plan on adding a "latest episode and chapter" section, and redesigning alot of the stuff already on there.

Is there any other features people want? (or don't want :P). If not then I'm just gonna go ahead with my ideas :/. I'd appreciate your thoughts. My target is the first of next month.
(Daedalus net (talk) 19:39, February 9, 2015 (UTC))

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