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    Greetings to all,

    It has been several months since the last episode of Majin Bone aired, and also quite some time since I've left a contribution and update in this Wiki.

    Sad news to say, come 11th June 2015, I'll be officially retiring from Majin Bone Wikia. One possible main reason is that due to the near-end of the product franchise cycle, there isn't much updates to come with.

    Though it was an enjoyable moment while learning the ropes from my very first major Wikia contribution here (my brief stint at Soul Eater Wikia years ago kinda backfired and I regretted not getting back my feet up there). But I've decided, to step forward and launch myself into new Wikia projects at Boku no Hero Academia, Ace of Diamond and Yowamushi Pedal.

    My main fo…

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  • Dragon Bone


    Artist: LUI FRONTiC 赤羽 JAPAN

    Song: リプミー (1st Major Debut Single)

    Release Date: 25th March 2015

    Debut Episode: 41 onwards

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  • Dragon Bone

    Ahhhh!!! I actually almost forgot about the live online conference until few days ago it ringed in the corner of my head.

    I can't remember what time I was on, probably 11pm till now (1:21am at time of writing this post). The chat room looks...pretty bad and run-down. Something like part of a Japanese abandoned building.

    Till then, I need some bit of rest after watching countless episodes of Majin Bone, newly-downloaded Haikyuu!! and Ace of Diamond. I'm crammed with loads of anime in my mind, to the point that I've confused one another and almost wrote in the wrong entries for each respective Wikis.

    Ah yes, I've officially joined Haikyuu!! and Ace of Diamond Wikis to expand my interests and experiences outside of here. Can't possibly stick to …

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  • Dragon Bone

    Another new blog post after quite some time of indefinite activity around the Wiki...

    Most likely the focus for me this month would be collecting information on official Majin Bone merchandise as well as gathering any new information on the series. So far I've already collected quite a fair bit of these merchandise info which surround mostly on the arcade cards.

    From what I've heard, the Majin Bone anime series will last for around 50, 51 episodes for this season, according to inside sources. And there might not be any possibility of a second season due to the anime rapidly catching up to the manga (the manga now publishes bimonthly since September 2014). I can't confirm on that just yet as the official word isn't out for all.

    With the slowdo…

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  • Dragon Bone

    It's been quite some time since I've left any visible footprints in here.

    How's everyone in Majin Bone community, I do hope all's going well here. Seen lots of changes and significant improvements (except for the flimsy VisualEditor that's frustrating my edits all the time)

    Lately I've been pretty busy in both personal work and leisure. Just shipped in a huge horde of Majin Bone merchandise (4 Bone Fighters, a few Saikyo Jump magazines and a Majin Bone card folder to store the Bone Cards). So far so good with these items (and a messy room), just managed to finish building Dragon Bone and trying to understand some human anatomy and degree of movements so that I can replicate some of his famous moves and pack of punch.

    Apart from these, I still…

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