Greetings to all,

It has been several months since the last episode of Majin Bone aired, and also quite some time since I've left a contribution and update in this Wiki.

Sad news to say, come 11th June 2015, I'll be officially retiring from Majin Bone Wikia. One possible main reason is that due to the near-end of the product franchise cycle, there isn't much updates to come with.

Though it was an enjoyable moment while learning the ropes from my very first major Wikia contribution here (my brief stint at Soul Eater Wikia years ago kinda backfired and I regretted not getting back my feet up there). But I've decided, to step forward and launch myself into new Wikia projects at Boku no Hero Academia, Ace of Diamond and Yowamushi Pedal.

My main focus would be refining the appearance and layout of these Wikias (I've secretly done quite numerous layout improvements in those wikis some time ago) and also providing additional valuable information whichever possible. Next goal would be brushing up my Japanese skills which I've long lost over the period of years, in order to be of a valuable asset to the team. And also to improve my near-invisibility in the contribution team.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for acceptance of my little presence here, albeit near phantom-like status consistently. I wish everyone good luck in their paths ahead and probably see you again in another Wikia!

And lastly...,


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