Ahhhh!!! I actually almost forgot about the live online conference until few days ago it ringed in the corner of my head.

I can't remember what time I was on, probably 11pm till now (1:21am at time of writing this post). The chat room looks...pretty bad and run-down. Something like part of a Japanese abandoned building.

Till then, I need some bit of rest after watching countless episodes of Majin Bone, newly-downloaded Haikyuu!! and Ace of Diamond. I'm crammed with loads of anime in my mind, to the point that I've confused one another and almost wrote in the wrong entries for each respective Wikis.

Ah yes, I've officially joined Haikyuu!! and Ace of Diamond Wikis to expand my interests and experiences outside of here. Can't possibly stick to this ol' coocoon for life right? Just in time to follow the direction and feel the breeze coming in.

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