Another new blog post after quite some time of indefinite activity around the Wiki...

Most likely the focus for me this month would be collecting information on official Majin Bone merchandise as well as gathering any new information on the series. So far I've already collected quite a fair bit of these merchandise info which surround mostly on the arcade cards.

From what I've heard, the Majin Bone anime series will last for around 50, 51 episodes for this season, according to inside sources. And there might not be any possibility of a second season due to the anime rapidly catching up to the manga (the manga now publishes bimonthly since September 2014). I can't confirm on that just yet as the official word isn't out for all.

With the slowdown on manga progress due to Saikyo Jump shifting publications to bimonthly with effect from September, it'll take quite some time to determine the direction where the anime is going. It might be possible that the anime might stray away from the original manga storyline.

My lowest priority would be compiling updates from Majin Bone's official channels and providing a bit of translation (I'm not very proficient enough, not even qualified for the test yet) where possible for important, major news.


The latest chapter of the manga, published back in November, actually showed Lord Klude held in prison tower on a castaway island. Something interesting to spoil for you huh?

Till then, I look forward to the next blog post soon!

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