It's been quite some time since I've left any visible footprints in here.

How's everyone in Majin Bone community, I do hope all's going well here. Seen lots of changes and significant improvements (except for the flimsy VisualEditor that's frustrating my edits all the time)

Lately I've been pretty busy in both personal work and leisure. Just shipped in a huge horde of Majin Bone merchandise (4 Bone Fighters, a few Saikyo Jump magazines and a Majin Bone card folder to store the Bone Cards). So far so good with these items (and a messy room), just managed to finish building Dragon Bone and trying to understand some human anatomy and degree of movements so that I can replicate some of his famous moves and pack of punch.

Apart from these, I still have several plans in mind to purchase additional Majin Bone merchandise, but it'll take quite a while to secure these items since I have to head directly to a Japanese website and get everything in hand with cautious fingers.

That's all for a short blog post in here, my first time blogging after many years...

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