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  • Dreamergirl3000

    Again, I'm typing this on my phone at 1AM, but this is worth even getting in trouble for. 

    I'm here today to put the Elemental Majins into perspective. At least, how I understand it. This could be updated from time to time, but yeah. This is what I've got. Off the top of my head. 

    Also, if this offends any of the Majins, or anyone else, I am truly sorry. 

    First up is the Majin of Fire. Through the anime and through the anime works, I've realized that fire represents not only strength. Not only heat. Light. An aspect of danger. But it is willpower. It represents an inner strength. An inner fire that burns. It is passion and strength to keep on pushing and finally make it to the peak, where your fire will burn the brightest.

    Next up is the Majin…

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    (Note: I wrote this at exactly 1AM, so it's really honest and unfiltered. :D You have been warned in case what you find is not what you expect or believe in. But this isn't to try to convince you. To each his own. I just want to say something. So yeah. This is just a journal entry. ^^")

    I don't know why but when I found Majin Bone, I held on as if it were my lifeline. I saw it, I experienced it, I loved it. I didn't know why, but after thinking about it for a bit, I figured it out. 

    One was that everyone in this story had some sort of choice. To go or not to go. To stay or not to stay. And all the characters in this anime BEAUTIFULY showed the power of choice. Of willpower. And it just... Inspired me. Even the whole Majinist thing. I believe…

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    Ok, so, after a very long time of watching and thinking over Majin Bone, I’ve learned that this anime has some pretty deep stuff in it, especially while discussing the somewhat religion of the universe, which is the belief in the Primordial Majin and the other Elemental Majin.

    I know that, around the world, religion is a very big thing, but I feel as if none of what I see or hear from religion is as believable as the story of the Majin. Or is it Majins, with an “s”? You know what, never mind. Let’s just assume that “Majin” is both plural and singular, but, you know, if you’ve got anything else to say otherwise, just please tell me, I’d love to hear it, because I’m confused now about that. XD

    Anywho, to the point of this blog: I as an individ…

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    It's been a while, but here is another report/blog post for my completion of watching the Majin Bone anime! 

    It was, for me, one of the best i've ever watched, and frankly, if i have time (most probably won't because i'm still a student and anime never seems to run out) I will re-watch the series, even if, at the end, i was bawling on the ground in a puddle of happy tears, most of them being due to the fact that, in the ending sequence, Drossas and Vyse were alive and well. Up until now, i am still tearing up because i was worrying about them this whole time. 

    Now, seeing as i have much work to do, I'm going to do my best to fine-tune profiles, input Bone info, and basically, go Leonardo on this sight as much as possible without scaring anyt…

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    Well, i guess i'm back again, but this time, it's not a formal status report. It's just a regular old blog.

    And forgive me, because i will be venting. Quite a bit more than I'd like to admit. I may seem composed, ish? But be warned. I have much passion in me that might even be enough to set something on fire if i really tried, for all i know. So if you don't want to hear or read it, exit this page now.

    Anyways, seeing as you read past that previous sentense, I guess i'll start.

    I didn't know why, but in my top 3, Vyse and Drossas were always my 2nd and 3rd in that order, after Luke, of course, and though it didn't show much in the earlier portions, now that i'm currently watching episode 39, as in, it's playing right this very moment, i came …

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