It's been a while, but here is another report/blog post for my completion of watching the Majin Bone anime! 

It was, for me, one of the best i've ever watched, and frankly, if i have time (most probably won't because i'm still a student and anime never seems to run out) I will re-watch the series, even if, at the end, i was bawling on the ground in a puddle of happy tears, most of them being due to the fact that, in the ending sequence, Drossas and Vyse were alive and well. Up until now, i am still tearing up because i was worrying about them this whole time. 

Now, seeing as i have much work to do, I'm going to do my best to fine-tune profiles, input Bone info, and basically, go Leonardo on this sight as much as possible without scaring anytone. XD 

So, that said, Ari out. :)

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