This isn't so much a status report, but more of an announcement. 

Upon looking over a few pages that were recently edited i have found certain pages such as the character profile for Luke and the character profile for Shougo Ryujin had been edited either as a trick or as an act of vandalism. 

I may only be a member of the Majin Council and not a Beaurocrat or an Admin Bone, but i will try my best to make sure that such edits are stopped. 

So please, to this vandalizer, i kindly ask that you only edit profiles when you have reliable information that was announced about a specific character. Please do not jump to the conclusion that a character is this way by looks alone and please do not atempt to change anything for your own amusement or the amusement of anyone pressing you to do so. It is not right and it is not considerate to the fact that people who do not know certain facts look at these pages to reffer to them to find out honestly what the facts are. False information should not be placed unless it is canon speculation. 

I am merely a member of this wikia and strongly believe that this should not be repeated or continued as well as wishing to make this wikia one of the best and most reliable points of reference on the Internet for Majin Bone information, so please refrain from putting false information and personal remarks on the profiles of characters, episodes and others of the like. Thank you. 

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