Majin Council member Aris Univa reporting after about a month, maybe 2 of being on this wikia. Forgive the tardy report. 

Edits are going well, and i am pleased to announce that pages such as the adept page have been updated so that lists are given and can be refferenced to whenever needed, though as i am currently only in the earlier episodes, please do not be afraid to come to me if i missed anything or anyone. Revising will also commence once i'm sure everyone's there. Sorting of characters will either be by debut or by alphabetical order to the first name.  

Episode edits are being thought over and i am colaborating with a few of the higher-ups, such as Daedalus net and XDarkImpetusX in giving ideas for new templates for the Bones and other such pages, and a few other ideas for the chat room and other things that have currently slipped my mind for the time being. Forgive me. 

Edits of cards shall most probably not be done, regretably, as i come from a country without these cards, but should i come across relevant and relliable information that is not yet given here, i shall edit accoridingly. 

That is all for this report. 

Aris Univa signing out.

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