Hello all Wiki Bone Warriors, I would like to announce that I am holding the next conference for the wiki! The last conference was rather successful and a lot of edits were done. Thus, I would like to hold another one to help push our wiki further up the ranks.

I am holding this conference on Saturday the 14th of March, it will last until the 15th of March on the Sunday to ensure all all users from different time zones can edit simultaneously at some point. I myself will make a commitment to be available the entire two days bar a small sleep break in-between, in which I am sure another admin bone will be there to help if needed.

For new users the conference is a brilliant way to both socialize with your fellow wiki warriors as well as power out some edits. We all team up to complete projects, get edits done and discuss ideas and plans that we want for the wiki. It lasts 2 days to ensure all members get a chance to cross over and edit at the same time.

Up until the conference use this time and this blog to discuss attendance, plans and projects as well as other related things to the wiki.

Now, let's get going!


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